Get A Cyber Security Certificate For Free


As a Cyber Security Researcher, Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacker, you wish to be awarded a certification to add a professional touch to your resume, or you simply want to show employers you are certified in Cyber Security.

Getting Started

To get started on obtaining your free Cyber Security Certificate you are to register on the eLearning College website

Once registered, head over to and choose to enroll in the Cyber Security short course.

When you have enrolled in the course, head over to the Study Material tab on the course page. On this page you are going to:

  • Review a 13 page Cyber Security Study PDF

  • Complete assignments, projects and other elements

Once finished studying and any assignments, you are ready to take the exam.


The exam consists of 20 questions, all ranging from basic cyber security knowledge to vulnerabilities and different cyber threats.

If you passed, you will be qualified for a certification, you can pay $10 for a customized certification or, as an alternative you can download the completion letter for free, which can also be used as a certification.

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