How URL Spoofing is Useful In Pentests

+ What it is

Understanding URL Spoofing

Penetration Testers & Ethical Hackers may use URL Spoofing to intrude their target. URL Spoofing is when an attacker spoofs their harmful links URL to look like a legitimate links URL. This is useful in penetration tests for the sole reason of human error, these URLs look extremely real but there is a twist. All of these URLs can easily be exposed and avoided. However for the average customer support associate this can be a very easy trick to fall for. The hacker will send a URL that looks like for example, and the victim would believe the link is actually Facebook, because it says the real URL, right? Well most penetration testers or hackers actually are successful when attempting an attack using URL Spoofing.

Where Can You Get These Tools?

You can clone a free URL Spoofing tool for your Penetration Tests here. USE THIS TOOL RESPONSIBLY AND ONLY COMMIT LEGAL ACTS, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE

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