Picking The Right Linux Operating System

and Installing it onto a Virtual Machine


When picking a Linux Operating System, you want to pick something that is right for you. Each Operating System has its own unique feel and gig, some focus on simplicity, some focus on theme and design, and some focus on security research and penetration testing.

List of Operating Systems

Ubuntu - ubuntu.com/download

CentOS - wiki.centos.org/Download

Debian - debian.org/distrib/ftplist

Fedora - getfedora.org

Slackware - slackware.com/getslack

Mint - linuxmint.com/download.php

Xubuntu - xubuntu.org/getxubuntu

Arch - archlinux.org/download

OpenSUSE - software.opensuse.org

Redhat - access.redhat.com/downloads

Picking The Right OS

Picking the right Operating System can be difficult, it all comes down the your wants and needs. There are many Linux Systems with their own different purpose.

If you wish to use Linux for Penetration Testing, perhaps you will like BlackArch which comes preloaded with many useful and powerful tools for penetration testing.

If you want a clean, stable and fast UI with the same security assessment capabilities, then Ubuntu may be right for you.

It is smart to research and try out each Linux Operating System before picking one, this will give you insights on all the possibilities on each Linux OS.

Installing an Operating System using VMware

  • To start off, you want to download and install VMware Workstation

  • You then want to download the .ISO of the Operating System of your choice.

  • Load VMware and click 'Create A New Virtual Machine'

  • Then select the .ISO image and click 'Next'

  • You are then going to pick the storage, memory and other virtual hardware components.

  • When finished, run the virtual machine and install the OS to the virtual hard-drive

  • Once installed and rebooted, you are now ready to use Linux!

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